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Personal Training + Corrective Movement

This type of training focuses on the concept that posture and muscle balance are the key components to core stabilization, pain-free movement, and an overall healthy body.


Everyday life takes its toll on our musculoskeletal system causing strain and tightening of our muscles. This leads to the susceptibility of injury, pain and poor posture.


Corrective movement helps to alleviate such problems with the purpose of increasing strength, endurance, stability, and mobility.


My specialized and personalized programs address these issues by creating efficiency of movement through functional training.


Iyengar Yoga

A form of Hatha yoga, the Iyengar style stresses the importance of alignment of posture (asana), mindful movement, and breathing exercises (pranayama).


Through this style of practice, strength, mobility, and stability are developed. Poses and practice range from basic to advanced, ensuring that all students progress according to their skill level, benefitting their body, mind, and spirit.


Iyengar yoga is suitable for all levels of ability by the use of props (blocks, belts, etc.), enabling all students to perform the poses in a safe manner.


Contact me for private sessions or view my class schedule at The Yoga Space.


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