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"Alisen's training, expertise, experience and 100% commitment to the well being of her clients make her a very special trainer. She is uniquely qualified to work with people with serious physical limitations - like me. Over the past eight years, Alisen has guided me through the ups and downs of my debilitating chronic illness and a major health crisis. She continually refines and upgrades her skills and creates programs to suit my very specific and ever-changing needs. As a result, my strength, endurance, flexibility and quality of life have improved dramatically. I feel like a different person. Thank you Alisen - you are the best!"


- B. Pringle

"Alisen combines a diverse range of training methods in a fun and progressive way.  Her attention to detail and her ability to challenge you during your workout demonstrates a motivation to your well-being and personal energy. Brimming with confidence and always a smile on her face, she makes exercising simple but ever so rewarding."


- A. Thomas

"Iyengar Yoga was my very first introduction to yoga.  I am forever grateful that I was given a referral to see Alisen to begin a program of stretching to complement my triathlon training and to help reduce the incidence of persistent overuse injuries. I found her program to be the absolute BEST stretching program I had ever encountered and my body has never felt better!  Alisen’s patience, expertise, and attention to detail have taught me much about body awareness and good postural alignment.  This has translated to a better posture in the swim, bike, and run, and improved performance in all 3 disciplines, all without injury!  Thank you Alisen!"


 - G. Chung

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